About us

The shores of Meads Bay beach Anguilla are aligned with some of the islands best restaurants and hotels. A treasure hidden amongst them was a parcel of land that held great potential but was not yet exploited.

Mr. Hughes, the proprietor of the land, as well as an avid lover of the beach, would often take frequent, daily strolls beginning and ending his day to the serenity of the ocean. The one day that this pattern was broken was the day his life changed for the better.

One morning, after a grueling night without rest Mr. Hughes resumed his daily morning routine at the beach; except this time he did not go to stroll. Mr. Hughes went to his land where he sat and pondered the future. Before he left he undoubtedly vowed, that upon it he would build an establishment that would depict a subtle getaway that both tourists and locals could not resist.

In the year 2010 Mr. Hughes nurtured the beginning phase of his plan. However, it was not until 2013 that the Ocean Echo was birthed. This five star restaurant is one of the newest on the island. It has set a high standard for the best in both International and Caribbean cuisine; as well as the island’s renowned signature cocktails; that will both take your tastes buds on an unforgettable ride..

Ocean Echo provides a spectacular panoramic view of the ocean and its neighboring attractions from any seating within the restaurant. It welcomes you with its pleasant atmosphere; often complimented by live music. It affords families and friends who not only want value for their; a piece of mind for their time.

Our tranquil setting will certainly invite you back to our unique spot. We cater to usual lunch and dinner dining, private parties, weddings & receptions or any other function you may require.